I-380 Advanced Powershell

Ben Miller (https://dbaduck.com and @DBADuck on Twitter) will present night 2 of 3 in his “Iowa Tour” presenting Advanced PowerShell for the DBA online for our members and the Data Community! Socialization starts at 5:30 PM Central Time (23:30 UTC) and the technical presentation starts at 6:00 PM Central Time (2021-02-10 00:00 UTC). Sign up… Continue reading I-380 Advanced Powershell

I-380 January 2021 meeting

Details January 2021 will be our last meeting as part of PASS. I-380 PASS will continue to meet as we have after PASS ceases operations on January 15, 2021. Many details will change, but the core of who we are and what we do will continue with little or no difference to our members. Our… Continue reading I-380 January 2021 meeting

Hello world, I-380 style!

Welcome to SQL User Groups Sites. This is our first post-PASS blog post from the I-380 Data Professionals. See our about page which provides more information about: I-380 PASS. Who we are. What we do. Check out our “bridge” presentation. It is the final technical presentation for our group under the PASS banner, and also… Continue reading Hello world, I-380 style!