I-380 Advanced Powershell

Ben Miller (https://dbaduck.com and @DBADuck on Twitter) will present night 2 of 3 in his “Iowa Tour” presenting Advanced PowerShell for the DBA online for our members and the Data Community! Socialization starts at 5:30 PM Central Time (23:30 UTC) and the technical presentation starts at 6:00 PM Central Time (2021-02-10 00:00 UTC).

Sign up via https://www.meetup.com/380PASS/events/276158958/ to attend the second night of three in his tour. Tonight, Ben will cover:

Night 2: Modules Deep Dive (DBAtools, DBAchecks, SqlServer, ImportExcel, PoshRSJob, PendingReboot)

Abstract: I know you know what a module is in PowerShell, but do you know how to leverage them together to get the most out of your day (and night)? This session will be ALL about getting the most out of these modules and some tips and tricks to keep you from getting into the black hole of frustration having it not work like you thought. I will also introduce you to parallel work with PoshRSJob a super cool module that you cannot do without.

All I-380 PASS meetings will be 100% online throughout 2021 or as long as Covid-19 remains a health issue.

Recording Links
Advanced Powershell for the DBA 1 – Des Moines
Advanced Powershell for the DBA 2 – I-380
Advanced Powershell for the DBA 3 – Quad Cities

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